Who is Saint Valentine

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Who is Saint Valentine
The -metepeita- patron of lovers killed because END weddings

The February 14th, the day of love, has its roots in the celebration of Valentine memory of a Catholic priest who was martyred for the faith of the same date, 270 AD persecution of Emperor Claudius.

The Valentine was sentenced to death because of that it was marriages between couples, spreading and thereby securing the Christian faith.

A legend says that as long as Valentine was in prison, he refused to renounce his faith, fell in love with the blind daughter of his jailer, which actually sent and a letter with the signature: With Love from your Valentine.

The Catholic Church later recognized him as Saint Valentine, who became patron of lovers.

The celebration was set for February 14, coinciding almost (February 15) and substituting a pagan fertility rite, which lasted for centuries, from the pre-Christian era already. Over time, the festival passed from Italy to Europe, from Britain to America.

Another legend says that as long as Valentine was in prison, he refused to renounce his faith, fell in love with the blind daughter of his jailer, which actually sent and a letter with the signature: With Love from your Valentine.

Saint Valentine is nowhere mentioned in the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar and, unsurprisingly, the Orthodox Church has never admitted it. "The saint is he for our nonexistent. It is a fiction of Western origin, "say people of the Church. In turn the Catholic Church in the revision of the general church calendar in 1969 demoted the Valentine's Day in a local festival, because he did not know almost nothing about his life, except that he was buried on the Via Flaminia in Rome on February 14.

But when the outlandish saint began to enter for good and life of the Greeks and that day is to be established in our country as the day of love in the late 70s on the initiative of florists, representatives of the Church offered by Greeks love to honor and celebrate the saints present in Eastern orthodox liturgical calendar.

In 1994, the then press the Holy Synod spokesman John Hatziphotis, proposed to be established as a day of love, the feast of St. Hyacinth, which is celebrated on 3 July.

The Hyacinth came from Caesarea Capadocia and serving as kouvikoularios (chamberlain) of the Roman Emperor Trajan. Man of confidence of the emperor, the Hyacinth prosilytisthike Christianity, drawing the ire of Trajan, which when learned ordered to imprison him without give no food unless you wanted to eat things sacrificed to idols. Forty days passed so the Hyacinth, without touching the things sacrificed to idols. However, the 41st, delivered the spirit of the Lord, at age 20.

The establishment of 3 July as a day of love and poetry pioneered the famous singer from Anogia, Crete, Louis Anogia, along with intellectuals and literature proceeded to build a temple in a beautiful location, 1,200 meters above sea level in Psiloritis. In front of this church, which is unique in Greece dedicated to Saint, every summer there are events called Iakinthia.

In 2000 by the late Archbishop Christodoulos, in his attempt to bring closer the youth in the Church, he proposed to celebrate the feast of love on February 13, the day the Orthodox commemorates the Aquila Apostles and Priscilla, a virtuous couple Jews tent maker who he lived in Corinth and converted to Christianity.

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