How to Pay

For the facilitation and the service of anyone who wants to buy something from our shop, the sampson-flowers spares the following alternative ways of payment: By credit card VISA or MASTERCARD which has been drawed in anyone bank. The sampson-flowers shop has resorted to all the essential measures for the safety of your trades by your credit card.

Payment by PayPal

Deposit to Alpha Bank

IBAN of Account: GR2301406480648002002008843

Beneficiary's Full Name : Kyriaki Driva

The invoice is made out to companies and to freelances only if they complete during their orders the following data : the full name of the company, the taxpayer's identification number, the Civil Financial Service (revenue office) and the profession in case of the freelances.

Manners and Time of the Delivery

The products are deliveried on the same day to Attica, provided that you will make your order from 09.30 to 19.00 -Hour Of Greece-. If you want to order at a certain time, please write it down on the comments and we will try to deliver it on time. The orders that have to be deliveried on any other hours, will be fulfilled only if you communicate with our shop and pay the proportional charge.
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