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Data Protection

The sampson-flowers shop is bound to protect your privacy. Each visitor is able to explore our on-line shop sampson-flowers.gr without giving any personal data. The personal data are required only when you want to order a product. This text notifies which information we collect from you, when you visit the sampson-flowers.gr shop and also it describes how we use them. Our policy is to keep all the data collected from our site in confidence and to use them exclusively for internal purposes of our company. We don't share your personal information with anyone else.

Collection of your personal data :

Your personal infos that we collect include your name, your profession, the name of your company or your business, your e-mail and your phone. We may also collect some infos concerning your visit, such as the type of your browser, the date and the hour that you visited our site, the webpages that you visited and the website from which you connected to our site. These infos will help us to manage our site in a better way.

Use of your personal data:

The personal data that we collect in this website will be used to ensure the service that you demand. We can also use your personal data in order to inform you about the product or the used service, including some useful notifications and information. In addition to, we can send to you some extra tips concerning some other products or services of the flower shop sampson-flowers.


If you have any questions concerning this text or the way that we manage your Personal Data, please communicate with us by using the contact form. Occasionally, we may form the policy of the Data Protection. All the changes will be published in this webpage.

Sale Conditions

General Conditions

The ''sampson-flowers'' is an online shop which sells Flowers with the firm Vavoulakis Gregoris and with the distinctive title ''sampson-flowers'', which has its seat in Koridallos (Taxiarhon 117) with the following telephone number : 210-5443801. The prime concern of the company is the apposition of the conditions which govern the rights and the commitments of the sampson-flowers shop to all of you who will visit our website, in order to inform you for your own rights and commitments and also for your own service while you are searching for the products that you want to buy from our shop.

Personal Data

An indispensable presupposition before the beginning of our settlement is the notification by your side of some of your personal data. When you make an order, we will ask for your name and your surname, the address to which we will send the selling products, the number of your telephone (or any other telephone numbers you want in order to serve you in the best way) your e-mail address e.t.c and if you choose to pay by credit card, you have to give to us the number of the card and the expiration date. The company and the sampson-flowers shop, following unswervingly the conditions of the Personal Data privacy according to the relevant laws and the international conventions, will not be going to proceed to any illegal and without your own approval, use.

The sampson-flowers shop will in no way reveal, publish, sell or exchange the personal infos and data that you trust to us. Exceptionally, we may bring out your personal data from the company, always observing the provided by the law procedure when this is required by the appropriate authorities. Of course whenever you want, you are able to change the personal data that you have already notified or you can limit or stop the use of some of these data.


The sampson-flowers shop during the realization of your purchase uses the protocol SSL, with the cypher 128-bit (the strongest today), for safe online commercial transactions. All your personal data are coded in this way, including the number of your credit card, your name and your address, so as that these infos cannot be read or changed during their transfer on the Internet. The protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), constitutes nowadays the international online standard to certify the websites to the web users and also to code the data between the web users and the web servers.

Annulment of Order

The sampson-flowers shop has an application in order to annul a order (partially or totally) that has already been recorded. In order to annul your order (partially or totally) you have to send us an e-mail to : [email protected] or a fax to 210-5443823

How to Pay

For the facilitation and the service of anyone who wants to buy something from our shop, the sampson-flowers spares the following alternative ways of payment: By credit card VISA or MASTERCARD which has been drawed in anyone bank. The sampson-flowers shop has resorted to all the essential measures for the safety of your trades by your credit card.

Payment by PayPal

Deposit to Alpha Bank

Number of Deposit Account: 174002002004979

IBAN of Account: GR83 0140 1740 0200 2004 979

Beneficiary's Full Name : Vavoulakis Gregoris

The invoice is made out to companies and to freelances only if they complete during their orders the following data : the full name of the company, the taxpayer's identification number, the Civil Financial Service (revenue office) and the profession in case of the freelances.

Manners and Time of the Delivery

The products are deliveried on the same day to Attica, provided that you will make your order from 09.30 to 19.00 -Hour Of Greece-. If you want to order at a certain time, please write it down on the comments and we will try to deliver it on time. The orders that have to be deliveried on any other hours, will be fulfilled only if you communicate with our shop and pay the proportional charge.

Prices of the Products

The VAT -Value Added Tax- is included in the price of each product that is inscribed on the related lists. Some regions of Greece have a reduced factor of VAT, this is why the prices of the products are lower than the inscribed prices according to the reduced VAT.


The delivery of the products to the reciever is done with great care by our shop. If you face any problems and there are some complaints by the side of the sender, on the same day that the product is deliveried, it 's our commitment to send a representative so as to find out if there is a problem indeed and if the product has been spoiled. In that case, the product will be immediately replaced by a new one.

The use of the website www.sampson-flowers.gr entails that you accept automatically the conditions above.

Extra Tips

1. Deceitful use of the customer's credit card: The sampson-flowers shop takes full your responsibility for the Bank that has published your credit cards (an amount that accrues from the contract of the publication of your credit card) in the case that the card is used by a not authorised person. (deceitful use of the credit card). This responsibility concerns about only in the case that the not authorised/deceitful use of your credit card for purchases on the sampson-flowers shops is not owed to your own mistakes or carelessness.

For this reason, you have the obligation, just when you take into account that your credit card is missed, to inform the related Bank in order that the card will be invalidated and that the use from not authorised persons will be excluded. In the case of deceitful use of your credit card, the amount that has been debited to your bank account, it will be re-credited or it will be given back to you.

2. Advertisements : The sampson-flowers shop gives to the users the possibility to choose their information about the new products and also about any new offers, settlement of the payment etc, by sending promotion-informative messages to their e-mail or to their address or by phone. The sampson-flowers shop will not use this service excessively. In addition to, the users are always able to discontinue the reception of these promotion messages.

3. Cookies : The sampson-flowers shop uses cookies ,such as the majority of the websites, so as to have access in some information each time that you visit our web-shop by someone web browser. Without using the cookies, it would be impossible to offer to you essential services, such as : Orders Statement, Personal Settings (e.g Fixing of the order with just 1 click), save of items in the box or in your reminder list between two visits e.t.c.

The Cookies consitute archives that we transfer into the hard disk of your pc by your Internet so as to offer to you services such as these that are mentioned above. In the settings of your browser you can choose to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies or to ask you each time that a new cookie is going to be installed into your hard disk.
Nevertheless, take notice that if you choose to prevent the cookies from being saved into your hard disk, you will not be able to use some services of our shop.

4. Modification of the Conditions : The sampson-flowers shop has the right to modificate or to renew the conditions and the terms of the dealings. The sampson-flowers shop takes the responsibility to inform this text whenever the terms are changed or are increased.
5. Law in Effect : All the dealings that you have by the sampson-flowers shop are governed by the International and the European law, which regulates issues concerning the online trade and also by the law of the consumer's protection (Ν. 2251/1994) which regulates issues concerning the sellings from a distance.
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